Chicago White Sox: Voodoo Kings

Ad1_84Here’s some wild info: in an article on, it is mentioned that Ozzie Guillen is a follower of Santeria, which the article describes as “a religion that combines Roman Catholicism with West Africa spiritual traditions”.

That’s a pretty nice description. In truth, it is widely considered a form of witchcraft. As described on, it is “a tradition of possession trance for communicating with the ancestors and deities, the use of animal sacrifice and the practice of sacred drumming and dance”. says “Known practices include animal offering, ecstatic dance, and sung invocations to the Orishas (a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system). Chickens are the most common sacrifice; the chicken’s blood is offered to the Orisha. Fruit is also offered to the Orisha. Drum music and dancing are used to induce a trance state in specific participants, who may become possessed by an Orisha who then speaks through them”.

In the following link, you’ll find an article detailing human sacrifice ascribed to Santeria practitioners: CLICK HERE . says “The Yoruba people of Nigeria had a complex social and political cultural order. They were farmers that incorporated specialized labor practices. In the colonial period, these people were taken against their will from their homeland and brought to the Caribbean as slaves around four hundred years ago.” “The Yoruba people worshipped approximately round six hundred deities know as Orishas.” “When the slaves reached their destinations in the Caribbean, they were baptized into the Roman Catholic Church. The Yoruba people were stripped of their lives and their religion. Not wanting to give up their traditional religious beliefs and convert to Catholicism, they hid their beliefs by incorporating them into the Catholic religion. They kept their traditional beliefs alive by equating an Orisha with a Catholic Saint. For example, Babalz Ayi became St. Lazarus, patron of the sick. They passed on their religion through oral tradition and kept it camouflaged under the semblance of Catholicism.”

The animal sacrifice theme is also mentioned: "Animal sacrifice is practiced by Santerians, and can cause much disagreement between Santerians and animal rights activists. Santerians ritually sacrifice chickens and other small animals to aid in sickness or misfortune. The blood is offered to the Orisha to please them, to bring good luck, and for forgiveness of sins.”

In my humorous column “Theo Epstein’s deal with the devil” , I wrote purely in the spirit of a good farce. But now, I begin to wonder…..

Perhaps this is truly how you break a curse in baseball. You have to appeal to the dark side. Perhaps this is what the Indians or the Cubs need to do. Who knew all it took was to dance wildly around a campfire, and kill some chickens?

Unfortunately, all anyone in the Cleveland organization has done is dance at a disco after eating Colonel Sanders.

OK, I am trying to lighten up the mood. But really, admitting you are a practitioner of Santeria is like wearing a pentagram t-shirt to the first press conference of spring training. In other words, not the best of PR moves.

Personally, I preferred the good old days, when a White Sox World Series just meant a few good old fashioned bribes, and Shoeless Joe Jackson getting banned for life.

Jim Evans




    Hey, you’re right about Santeria; you’re right about Guillen not making a good PR move. In fact you are kinda lite with him. I’d say he was the biggest idiot in Major League Baseball today! I had some kinda respect for him until I read your blog. Now I know why he gets his big mouth into trouble all the time; what an idiot! I have a friend who’s father is into that **** and he’s an idiot too. I used to work for that idiot but I quit. Santerians are ignorant people like Guillen and need a good wake up call. Peace Out to you too bud. Thanks for the info. Greatly appreciated. I will never ask for his autograph and I will burn all of his baseball cards in my fireplace after a great tasting carne asada and chicken fettuccini!

  2. Kellia

    So Guillen is a Santero. This Wiccan is happy to hear it. If it is OK for some football player to tell a sideline reporter that he wants to thank Jesus for the great game he just had, it’s OK for Guillen to tell a press conference he’s a follower of Santeria. Despite the fact that the neo-cons are out to shred the constitution, we still have Freedom of religion in this country.

    And as for the sacrifice of chickens, the Santeros are probably more humane about killing animals than are the slaughterhouses that kill chickens, cows, pigs and other meat animals for us carnivores.

    I say that as a person who has seen videos of what suppliers to KFC do, and who has ridden past the cattle feedlots along I-5 in California, and who has heard a colleague report on cruelty to pigs on a big hog farm in South Dakota. At least in Santeria, the blood of the chicken is offered to a divinity. What do commercial slaughterhouses do with animal blood?

    And the article you linked to equates Santeria with devil worship. Not true, simply another example of how the gods of one religion become the devils of another.

    A few sick individuals engage in ritualistic murder and a whole religion is condemned because of it–when that religion is pagan. I have yet to hear of any condemnation of Christianity when we hear of some sick individual who has abused a child to death in an effort to exorcise the devil of of him or her.


    I didn’t really think there was any slamming of Santeria here. It was factual reporting on a religion that most people would see as outside the norm.

    Of course, being Wiccan, Kellia, you seem to be overly sensitive to this general issue. Sure, there is bogus things happening with people who call themselves Christians, just like any other religion.

    Perhaps the linked article does not paint a fair perspective to Santeria, but it does show what extremists can do– just like articles I’ve seen on Christian weirdos dying in snake ceremonies, or bombing abortion clinics. That’s just an interesting sidepoint to this article– it’s not harped on.

    I think the general point here is that Santeria isn’t something that you usually hear referenced in baseball– or Wicca, for that matter. I don’t like the Jesus commercials that some guys do, either- but that doesn’t mean I have to like Santeria. Or Wicca. Or anything else.

    It is an interesting point that the White Sox broke their long curse under a manager who practices Santeria, whether you want to be overly sensitive to it, or not. This article probably does as much to promote the religion, through exposure, as it does to cast any negativity on it.

    It is a chicken blood religion. Equating it to KFC is humorous, but no one really cares about your vendetta against fast food restaurants, or mainstream religion, or what people do to animals before we eat them. It’s a freakin’ baseball story!

    Just get over your offense. You totally overreacted. It was interesting writing, and I liked it.

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