It’s finally here! The all-new has
launched, and it’s fantastic! For all
of you baseball addicts, this is the website that will satisfy your deepest

There’s so much to offer, I don’t really know where to
start. My favorite part is the stat-tracking feature, under My Digest. I can
enter all of my Strat-O-Matic players, and have one easy reference place to
check on their stats. Each day’s performances are automatically added. Now, I
don’t have to look on 15 different teams for my players’ stats and splits. I
don’t have to type in 30 names on I can just open one page, and have
complete statistical heaven, updated every day of the season. It’s a Fantasy
player’s dream!

I don’t want to miss anything about the new website, so I am
going to finish this post with the official press release. Thanks for waiting—I
think you’ll see, it was worth it!!!

Jim Evans


Welcome to the NEW Baseball Digest Daily!


We are once again ALIVE and well! The site and staff have been completely overhauled, but the quality of baseball coverage is back and better than ever! Interviews, news, stories, and stats…(and do we have stats!) are all back for another spectacular baseball season. We will take you behind the scenes and into the minds of the players, coaches, and general managers. Track your favorite players with the one and only My Digest stats tracker. And follow the pennant chase every step of the way on our leader board!
  This year we are fortunate enough to have an expanded roster of writers, reporters, and commentators. Marc Normandin from Beyond the Boxscore returns along with Jim Evans of the Baseball Digest Daily MLBlog. Bob Monek will also be contributing his journalistic expertise, joining us from the City of Brotherly Love.


The biggest news of all this season is that each and every Baseball Digest Daily feature is free!
  That’s right…no more annoying subscription fees preventing you access to all the baseball coverage you’ll ever need!


So head on over to and get a head start on the 2006 season right now!


Site Navigation


Here is a quick primer on what you will find in each of the main sections of Baseball Digest Daily:


About Us: Self-explanatory. Includes company history, staff bios, press, and contact information.


The Bullpen: Articles, interviews, and polls!


The Dugout: RSS news feeds from major baseball sites around the web!


The Skybox: Information on advertising, sponsorships, and event branding.


My Baseball League: Current home of My Digest! Eventual home of BDD’s own version of fantasy baseball!


Team Tracker: Historical stats, team stats, league leaders, and standings. Our own baseball encyclopedia!





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