Ad1_86Oh great, just what I wanted. Another book telling me about all the juice Barry Bonds has used.

This one will be called “Game of Shadows”, and it’s written by two reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. According to an article on, the book will detail how Bonds has used Winstrol, The Cream, The Clear, Human Growth Hormone, Insulin, and “other performance enhancers” since 1998.

What’s the matter, can’t anyone figure out how to fit the kitchen sink into a syringe?

I suppose this is all newsworthy—in a sick, perverted kind of way—but it’s just Too Much Information. You know, TMI—like when someone starts detailing the latest surgery they’ve had, or tells you what really happens at the colon doctor’s.

Too Much Information.

The source’s listed include “court documents, affidavits filed by BALCO investigators, documents written by federal agents, grand jury testimony”….

Wait a second! I thought that stuff was supposed to be private. And I don’t mean private like ‘what’s in your Aunt Matilda’s underwear drawer’—I mean private like ‘you will not reveal these things, under penalty of law’.

How come I can’t find out what the government really knows about the Roswell alien spacecraft crash, or who shot JFK— but I can find out stuff on Barry Bonds whenever the grand jury takes a bathroom break?

And why is it that these reporters have done such a bang-up job of investigating Bonds—but no one has done the same to Mark McGwire? Did he quit before he came close enough to Ruth and Aaron, just for that reason? To avoid being the fodder for some journalist’s literary ticket into a higher income bracket?

No one has even researched Jose Canseco’s claims for fact or fiction like this—and he has admitted to not only being a steroid user, but also a pusher!

Would the reporters have been so diligent if Barry had been nice, like McGwire? Accommodating for interviews, and quotes, like McGwire?

And yes, I’ll ask it: would they have searched wide and low for data, had Bonds been WHITE, like McGwire?

I know that cultures can clash, and that one culture’s acceptable personality is another’s jerk. Heck, it took me ten years to get used to Bonds’ dangling gold earrings! So I can understand why people are offended by Bonds. But you don’t let that affect your reporting.

And even more, you don’t let your personal opinions ruin other people’s favorite pastimes. But this is exactly what is happening.

Why can’t anyone let me enjoy baseball? If you want to tell someone that Barry Bonds does all this stuff, tell Bud Selig, so he can suspend him.

Oh, but that would require a lot more proof than the average publisher needs, when there’s automatic publicity involved for a book. Publicity like, oh I don’t know…. The breaking of Babe Ruth’s second place total for home runs?

Would the reporters have cared so much if Ruth wasn’t there, and it was just Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, and Willie Mays with records to be broken? Is it a coincidence that this comes right before the white man’s record falls?

In case any of you are wondering, I was born Caucasian. And I may go to a tanning booth twice a week, but I have no racial guilt complex, or issues of any kind. Except with racists.

I find it hard to believe that these reporters would have treated a Mark McGwire the same way that they have treated Barry Bonds. Because no one else has treated McGwire like this.

So please— don’t tell me what is in any more ballplayers’ blood. Or their urine. I don’t want to know why some of them have muscles like the Michelin Man, and others look like teenagers.

I don’t want to know what steroids do to their manhood. As far as that goes, I’m still coming to grips with some of them having super balls…

In their bats.

Jim Evans



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